The Bitrex Taste Test – dare to share

The Bitrex Taste Test – dare to share

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See what happens when one of the CAPT team tries Bitrex!

Are the parents you work with brave enough to taste Bitrex for themselves?
Bitrex is the bitterest substance on earth. It is added by manufacturers as a safety ingredient to products to stop small children accidentally swallowing them.

Storing products out of sight and reach of children can prevent little hands finding them. And safety caps can slow them down – however some three or four year olds can open them in seconds. Bitrex makes potentially harmful products taste so bitter that children will spit them out before swallowing them, acting as a third line of defence.

Why not invite parents to taste Bitrex for themselves by ordering a Bitrex Taste Test kit? The memory of the taste will last for a long time, as will the important safety messages about preventing their child being poisoned.


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