Video clips

Video clips

Take a look at some of our video clips. These are great to kick-start your planning and help to get parents thinking and talking about different risks.

Hair straighteners

As you’ll see from our video, hair straighteners get hot enough to cook bacon and eggs! They also stay hot for up to 15 minutes after they are unplugged and unfortunately that can lead to horrific burns for toddlers and young children.

Button batteries: Keeping children safe

This video from CAPT and BBC Newcastle – Radio for the North East shows two-year-old Amari Leonard from South Tyneside who was in hospital for almost a week after swallowing a lithium battery (opens in Facebook).

It’s not just babies and toddlers, who put everything in their mouths, who are at risk from button batteries. Older children can be fascinated by them too.

Choking and Gagging, what is the difference and how to help

Advice from First Aid for Life

Choking and gagging are frequently confused. One is potentially life-threatening, the other is a normal reflex. Learn how to recognise the difference and what to do if your baby or child is choking or gagging. visit for free resources and for a free course on first aid for choking.

Sharing is caring

We asked parents and carers to share their experience and knowledge – not just about the horrors of accidents, but also the really practical, simple things they do to prevent them.


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