23 - 29 June 2014

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Make sure colleagues, staff, networks, potential partners know about all the free resources they can down simply by signing-up to Child Safety Week 2014. It’s easy to share   Use the ‘Copy this’ button below to put the text on...

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A sneaky peek at Child Safety Week

     He’s sneaky and sly, villainous and vexing, he’s a wicked little character who goes out of his way to create chaos and put children in jeopardy while families are busy during the morning rush. Meet Morning Mayhem! But is...

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If you’re down with the whole social media type thang, why not follow the Safety Heroes on Twitter (@ChildSafetyWeek)?. You’ll find regular updates throughout the year not just during Child Safety Week itself. Suggested hashtags #childsafetyweek, #roadsafety, #COpoisoning, #BigTasteTest, #TestItTuesday

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Safety Heroes battle Morning Mayhem!

The Safety Heroes of Child Safety Week 2013 were so mighty in their pursuit of protecting children from serious accidents, we thought they deserved an epic sequel.  So dust off your red pants and hold tight because come Child Safety...

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